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Too unrealistic

So, I've written a lot of short stories that I'm turning into a book. In them I try my best to have a wide range of different characters. There's magic, dragons, at least six different kinds of elves, even more dwarves, and fairies. You know what the most common thing people tell me is too unrealistic?

I have one character who doesn't do anything evil the whole time, or get killed, and it moves the plot along better.. Just one. That's where I crossed the line, and they couldn't believe anymore. The sad part is, I know it's a common belief. I've heard the same thing said about Captain America being more unbelievable and less relatable than Thor.

Yeah, the seemingly immortal guy with a magic hammer who flies around taking out 95% of his opponents is more like us, cause he has some deep down inner douche bag. The sad part is, we really believe it too.

We're closing on seven billion people on this planet, that's a ridiculously large number for statistics. Do you really think there's 0% chance one of them is going to live and die without a major character flaw? Because I can promise you, none of them will even fly and shoot lightning because of a magic hammer.

All it takes.

All it takes to make a good person die for a terrible cause, is for them to believe absurd lies.

All it takes to solidify a cause for many is for the lives of good people to have been given in it's name.

All it takes for most to create an unforgivable grudge, is to fundamentally disagree on a subject that holds the worth of lives.

All it takes to divide a group of people, is to make the grudge one side holds towards the other more important than the reason they come together.

All it takes to make a group weak enough to conquer, is for them to be divided.

I'm Offended! (What do flags mean?)

"I'm offended" the most common current response to bring attention to something a person/ group of people has decided not to like. Not to say it is completely without validation, but at some point I think there's a point where you should realize being hurt is not going to help a situation. At the same time, you should realize saying things that are going to make people hurt for no reason, is also not bringing about any sort of justice to the world.

We'll use flags for example, since they seem to be what everyone cares about this week. "The rebel flag" the modern symbol thought to represent when the south fought the north (even though it was never actually a symbol of the confederate army, but whatever.) For many people then and now, the war was fought for two separate reasons. Much like wars today are fought for separate reasons.

While the rich have their reasons for starting wars, it's pretty much never what they actually tell the people who are actually going to fight. Yes, the rich southerners started a war, because they didn't want to give up their slaves. But the ones that fought thought they were fighting for their states, and to not have the north come and take their property and freedom. No, not slaves as property that was less than 1% owned slaves, they just knew how to manipulate the other 99%... funny how some things never change.

Just like in our life time, and in many ways to this day, wars are started and fought for two different reasons. Troops don't go over seas and risk their lives to get some rich fucks oil, or help them sell their guns. They go because they think they're searching for people that killed Americans, searching for weapons of mass destruction, bringing democracy and freedom to those in need, or protecting out country. That might not be the reasons politicians decide to gamble with their lives, but it's what they think when their doing it.

We don't see or hear on the media about the innocents we've killed when fighting these wars. Just the brave troops that have died, for the cause. There's no mention of people that feel oppressed by our presence in their country, just the people that were proud they got a chance to vote. And if any wrong was done, it was because we were bad pornstars and pulled out too soon. That we should have stayed, and fought longer.

Half truths and lies have existed as long as language itself. People in an area are always told their troops gave their lives for them. Flags represent what people fought for. If a war was involved, it was probably more than one thing. If you want to be offended because people are still gullible enough to believe lies told over a hundred years ago, fine whatever. Take the flags down, they were ugly anyway.

However,I think we should realize, a good percentage of the people don't believe it was racist. Because propaganda works, and it was used effectively enough to start a war, and make people fight against their own country. And the more people that died for that lie, the more real it becomes to their families. No one wants to hear that someone they loved and looked up to died because they were tricked by some rich fucks who thought money and power were more important than their lives. No, they want to believe they died for the cause, so they fly the flag.

Do you want to believe our troops are overseas dying and killing people for oil, political favoritism, or so campaign doners can sell more guns? Is that why you're shooting off fire works? Is that why you fly our flag? Is that what being American means to you? If it's not, cool whatever. Our flag stands for the people, not the war. It's the way of life, not the governments decisions. Just understand, some of the people waving that ugly ass "confederate flag" feel the exact same way.

Names in stories

So, I've been writing this story for more years than I care to count. I've eventually started the entire planet, created several governments, maps, added geographical influence to the people based on weather and magic patterns. However,I have one giant problem, naming things.

Logically I understand none of them should have earth or really earth-like names, but at the same time when I read books like The Silmarillian, and they throw fifty names I can't pronounce at me a chapter, it makes me so confused, I don't know what's going on.

I'm thinking about just making names that are semi-allegorical or sound like something representative of a feature of the character. So people can read it and automatically register "deceit", "too honest", "douche mouth", or just something like that.

I'd really like to give them all languages, and have them derive from those, but lets be honest; I'm not great with learning languages, let alone creating new ones.

What ever the case, I know I'm not going to have any characters whose names are so close they can be confused. I don't care if it happens in real life, that shit is annoying to read.