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I wish I were special.

If there's one thing humans want, it's to feel like we're special. Major religions might argue about a lot of things, but they're all fairly certain God looks human. People might argue about what marriage is, but the vast majority all believe it's between one man and one woman. Why? Because you have to make each other feel special. Unless you're in some place where women are treated like second class citizens. Then the men in power want to feel more special than the women.

Almost everybody wants to be the best at something. That's why you see so many people and teams who come in second depressed, and even crying. Even people who were rooting for a sports team, singer, or some made up fight between Superman and Goku come to tears because they didn't choose "the winning team." Even the entire concept of winning is based on being better at something than the people around you. To feel somehow more special than them.

Though, we're at our best when we stop bickering about who's better, and start working together. When we allow people of different ethnic, religious, and economic back grounds education, breakthroughs are made. When scientists and engineers stop fussing, and work together, amazing things can be built. If people ever stop arguing over which religion is right, many wars will end.

Competition is good and inspiring, but at some point we need to recognize the value of others on the team. Taking that a step further, and treating them as equals will only strengthen your value as a whole, and as an individual.

Nobody likes the boss that acts better than them. Nobody wants a leader who treats them as lesser beings. Nobody wants a partner so caught up in themselves that they don't even recognize the others' value. So then why is it there are so many who act this way?

It's simple really. They care more about how they feel than what they are. And quite honestly, there is absolutely nothing special about that.

The Gun

I propose to you a story. There is a room full of people with a descent amount of distance between each other, gathered for a reason they don't know. A gun drops randomly in the room. An hour later a door opens to let them out.

You can give all of the characters as much back story as you want, you can use as much imagery as you want, but in the end, depending on who gets the gun, the story will end completely differently every time. (Unless you give someone super powers.)

Some will say they don't want anyone to die, and give it to a hero. Some will say it's only realistic if a tragedy occurs. I say it shows your competence as a writer to think of scenarios where both, and many others would occur. Then describe them and make them believable. And it shows your desires which one you choose to occur.

I like my friends weird, and full of mistakes.

To me, when I see someone weird, and full of mistakes, I don't think there's something wrong with them. I think they're honest, because deep down pretty much everyone is. Just most people have a fear of admitting them, due to the persecution of society.

Deep down everyone has something they like, they know other people don't. I like the people brave enough to admit it, because even if I don't like it, it gives me the courage to admit my own. Yes, there are times and places where you shouldn't do some of it, but I like to avoid those times and places as much as possible.

I like being honest with myself and those around me. That includes mistakes, I mess up a lot, a whole lot. Everybody does. If you don't, you're not trying hard enough. Life is hard, and it's supposed to be. If it weren't, we wouldn't evolve as individuals, or a species. Part of that evolution is finding out what is wrong, and correcting it.

When I have friends that get things wrong, it gives me the chance to let them know it's okay, feel better about myself for cheering them up, and admit to my ridiculous mistakes without feeling judged. I sort of feel like the world is a better place when people fuck up, and are honest about it.

When people don't think they make enough mistakes, then become overly judgmental to everything they think is wrong, even if it's not. Then make people hide who they really are, and not admit to the mistakes they make. This makes learning from them much harder. Sometimes I do that too, when I really shouldn't, and it's probably the worst mistake I regularly make.

But when I see my friends mess up in those same ways, it helps me see that I shouldn't have judged others in the first place, and become a better person in the process. It often even lets me forgive myself for have once made those same mistakes, or when I make them again.