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How we're all more like superman than we think.

For anyone that followed superman at all in the comics, they know Superman made his biggest jumps in power, outside of his literal sun bathing, was when he stopped thinking of himself as human. He realized he didn't need to eat, breath, or sleep anymore. In other words, all of his limitations were in his thoughts of being human.

Though, we can't realize we're not human, we can realize humanity is bound by the limitations in our mind. We accept laws we don't believe in, authority we don't respect, and politicians we don't like because we think "That's the way it is." But when we accept "That's the way it is." as a reason, we lose "The way it should be." as a future.

Our ascendance into a better future lies in breaking the mental barriers we hold that humanity is bad, is going to be bad, and cannot change. We have the ability and the potential to be more than we are as a society. To spend more money on education than war. To become more habitable with the world around us. To not hate those different than us. In other words, all of our limitations are being human.