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I can imagine.

In the not too distant past I had a conversation about "what makes a story good." and "what makes a message good." A lot of the conversation revolved around why having a story that related to the people made it that much better. It made you feel that much more. It made you understand the characters in a way you never would.

Though, in reflection I have to say, there are many benefits to a good plot with situations you can't understand. Primarily improving your ability to feel for a situation that in no way relates to you. If you can feel for a hobbit that has to throw a ring in a volcano to save the world, you can probably feel for a person in a situation you could never imagine.

The reality is, we will probably never know most of the problems others face. We won't know what it's like to be oppressed for being a minority, or we won't know what it's like to be told our problems don't matter for being a majority. I think the problems in our world mostly stem, not from misunderstanding those like us, but from refusing to understand those that are different.

I will never know what it's like to feel that calling a friend to help get revenge is safer than calling the police. I'll never understand how much it sucks to live through a period once a month, and have to deal with BS about people saying it's no bid deal. I'll never know what it's like to wonder if I'll get to eat next week. Or if I get caught being with the one I love be outcast, shamed, or murdered in public. I'll never know what it's like for things to be hopeless despite my efforts, attitude, and attempts. The list really never ends.

But, I can understand that problems I'll never face are serious and shouldn't be mocked. I can imagine how hard it must be to face those things. And while I'll never understand them fully, I can at least understand that if faced with a situation that affects them, the gravity of the situation is far greater than what pulls on me.

Miss Martian is one of the best written comic characters ever. (spoilers)

Miss Martian is one of the most complex and well written characters in a comic series. The line to where she lies to others and herself is as blurred as it seems to be with most people. As well as the full spectrum of color between black and white about where what the right thing to do was, and not letting one characteristic define them.

On one hand, she was keeping a constant lie alive the entire time. On the other, she was still very trustworthy. Honestly, if people could shapeshift, I think it would be as common as pictures with flattering angles or make up.

Despite her being a super powered martian, it makes her feel much more human than the other characters to me. Finding the will to continue constant training, fighting over who should be leader, choosing between your family and country... they're all interesting plots, but none of them are very relatable. Wanting to look better, hiding a part of yourself to avoid unjust judgment, the inner turmoil of how to share that with the person you're closest to... that's something people understand all too well.