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What I've been writing since yesterday.

The day was long and bitter, Elleya sat alone in her new tiny excuse for a room staring at the wall lost in thought. She could do nothing to drown out the gossip leaking through her thin walls, as she tried to sleep.

In a place where privacy was considered sin, and secrets punishable there was always a lot to go around. The homeless shelter for girls was strict, but at least it kept her fed, and safe from the streets.

The subjects rolled past her from who got punished, to who was getting promoted to different classes, to who was getting married and to whom they would marry.

Then a name pierced through a wall and her mind like an arrow "Oh gods, have you heard Ellerand is finally getting kicked out of the boys dorm."

(Since the day we were born, that damned idiot) she thought to herself, as they continued talking.
"Well, it was to be expected he's always causing trouble." she heard in response followed by a silence, whispering, then "I mean he's got to be brave to always stand up for other's like that. I heard he tried to make his room leader apologize for grabbing girls."

Forcing herself up, began tying her bun, then walked out using her arm that was fixing it to block her face and site of her gossiping floor mates. She did not want them to see the anger in her eyes, or have to explain it was not for them.

"Hey, Elleya I didn't mean to..." she heard as her friend obviously stopped her from saying something unnecessary again. Followed by a quiet "Just let her go, the less we get involved, the better it is for everyone." she heard quietly enough that it might be mistaken for an overheard whisper, if she didn't know who's mouth it came from.

Hillary always said exactly what she meant to be heard. It wasn't always meant to hurt someone, but it was always in her best interest.

Elleya wanted to think about what those interests might be, but she didn't have time. She had to start thinking about how to sneak out without getting caught, and what the boys would do in retaliation.

Listening for foot steps, and watching for the movement of shadows, she made sure her movements looked casual, but avoided unnecessary eyes.

Having been stuck in this "school" for a few months, she knew the patterns of the adults and gossipers well. If at all possible, she wanted to get her belongings back before she left... She wanted to hold her sword again...

It was only a wooden sword, but it was the last thing she gave to her and her twin brother before he left for the war. It had been with her most of her life, and what she'd used in every match and fight she'd been in... most of which involved her brother in some way or another.

Ellerond was strong in will and body, and his intentions were always good... but he never understood people. If you gave him a book he'd sit down with it, and ignore the world until he could tell you everything about the book. But he always got mocked for being stupid, because he couldn't talk the way other people did.

This lead him to always rely on her, even if he would never ask for it. There was no chance he'd find a good place to sleep at night without her, and even less of one that she'd leave her father's sword behind.

As she walked behind the first building she could without being seen, the wind blew giving a hint of rosemary, and the sweat of someone who ate too many onions. She already knew it was Mother Malinda.

She quickly, jumped to a tree, then to the low side of a roof making as little noise as possible, but the movement of her shadow betrayed her.

Calmly walking by as if not noticing, Mother Malinda said in a tone that indicated a smile "You know you'll never break into that room, and if you can't even get past me. There's no way you're going to get past the rest of them."

A single beat seemed like it pushed her heart from her chest to her throat (Damn, of all the people to get caught by... she was the one I didn't want to let down.)

There it was out in the open, read easier than a children's tale. She fought her shock and pride to mask her voice "I'm sorry Mother, if I don't, he'll get conned out of every penny and starve to death." she said with an attempt at calmness.

With a slight chuckle "I'm sure he would, we all knew this place wasn't for you anyway... At least most of us did. You're a person, and a better sister. Even if you weren't the best student." she finished jokingly Then continued before Elleya could retort "Here, we don't have time to talk. I'm just going to leave this here, and distract the others while you escape. Just don't get caught." she mentioned all too casually.

Just as she began walking off, Elleya jumped down and hugged her from behind with her arms wrapped right around her waist. "You're always too nice to everyone. They're going to know it was you. I didn't want to get you caught." she said no longer trying to hide her emotions.

"Oh pish posh child, don't you worry about me." she stated calmly before turning around and hugging her back "You have enough to worry about without putting me on your list. You're just like your father you know? Always trying to save everyone. I can handle myself. Now go before you ensure we both get caught." she finished while backing away. Then turning a corner out of her site... and out of her life.

She grabbed her sword and the bag she'd left. It smelled of food, and sounded of coins... She really was the only person there that she didn't have to cringe when calling mother.

Now with both strapped to her back, she jumped pulling herself up and over the wall the relative ease she slipped through the back streets making her way across town. It gave her time to clear her head, to think of a plan.

Her father was well known before the war. He would have been the richest man in town, if he didn't always give so much to charities. This meant she had a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies. Those that scorned her father for giving to the poor, enjoyed taking revenge upon his children since he was no longer in the picture. Getting him kicked out of schools, and making sure they were homeless was just the start of it. The rich in this city were cruel, and they got worse with every generation.

She decided she'd go by her dad's old Smith, Goredash first and see if they could have a job while laying low.
He made the best metal of anyone she'd ever heard about, but since he was an Ogre, none of the other humans would have him for anything but horse armor.

Saying things like "He's unfit to craft for anything but beasts."
She had to go a bit outside of the city to see him. His hammer was so loud it frightened all of the villagers near by, and they made him move out.

She could hear his hammer before she could see his house. Slow steady clangs like thunder on steel they struck through the air.
She cast a minor spell of dampening on her ears to keep herself from going deaf. Still feeling the shockwaves travel through her body more and more with every step.

Echoing through her body like a second heart beat, it wasn't long before it drowned out the first. Nearing the smithy, she could see the glow of the sparks shine across his deep blue skin making him purple of moments at a time.
She was in luck, he had almost got to a point where he could take a break.

While she was waiting, she decided to look at her sword. It was a matching pair with her brothers. Both made from celestial oak, they were wooden with a slight blue tint. But when endowed with magic they began to turn black with bright specks of light that glowed light the night sky.

The slight glowing colorations along the grain of wood appeared, making it look like the northern lights.

I'm going to need a place to stay for me and my brother just for a short while... I know it's against the law, but we must stay out of site... probably find some way out of town."

The smile had left his face, and he resisted the urge to agree immediately saying "You know what you're asking of me?"

With wrinkles on his forehead deepening "Come back tonight, after dark, and make sure no one sees you... We'll find somewhere for you, even if it's not with me... I know your father's kindness towards our people has made those rich bigots despise you, and probably every generation to come."

Just then the pounding of feet came rushing in as two children the size of men dashed in, the smaller of the two immediately picked her up, and squeezed her so hard she forgot to be depressed. "I missed you so much!"

The other slapped him on the shoulder "You can't squeeze her that hard anymore."

The OP Chronicles

A war torn Bulma rushes to her Time Spectral Glasses to show the truth the sky wouldn't show for millions of years to come. Stars flicker and burst in and out of existence, flashes of light consume and overwhelm sections of the sky. Hope, fear, glee, and soul squeezing stress flashed across her face with every change in color and size.

Finally the visors dropped from her face with all hope along with it. "Overpowered prideful dumbass!!" she shouted at the sky, herself, and the machine before her. She quickly jumped inside it and begin hitting buttons precisely with movements faster than the eye could see still cussing to herself "That damned Yamcha, if he's not ruining my laptops with his porn, he's ruining my time machine with his stupidity." waiting on the last light to quit blinking.

We are light. We are hope.

A smile crossed her face with the thought of it not working, and her dying in battle beside her brothers. "Uhg, I will not succumb to the warmongering battle myrtr desires of this bloodline." she shouted as she continued to hit more buttons the moment the light stopped blinking, then pulling a lever with her tail.

The ship appeared before a star, her sense of touch was as blinded by the smoldering heat as sight was by the light. She had but her memory and telekinetic presence to go by now. "Hurry, we won't have time after he loses." she shouted with her mind. "We must try again, we must find another Vegeto."

"But he hasn't lost yet!" a timid voiced shouted from the star.

"But he will, and when he does all hope will be lost with him, unless we find another one, and traim him better." she replied firmly. Then with a softer tone, like the last ray that refused to be covered by swarming clouds she continued. "We are hope. We are light. We are the last chance of freedom anyone has, in this universe or any other." she finished gripping onto every ounce of humanity she could remember having.

She used her mind to continue pressing buttons and recalibrated as she waited for his reluctant return. Within moments Dindae returned to the ship. Somber and fatigued by the stripping of his will he murmured, "We are light... We are hope. Now let us run to another dimension to flicker one last time before Superman crushes us with his boot again." Even as he spoke, she finished her procedures to travel to the last hope.