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Who I Am

My angels, my demons, my godliness and the beast I may become.
The light, the dark, the beautiful the scum.
It's all inside me and the pitfall might blind me,
but foremost and finally love is what will try me.
Held by it's strength and broken by it's departure
my loves been too deeply pierced by this damn archer.
But even though my love is gone,
... my life must still go on
When I feel weak is when I need most to be strong,
... carry on,... and push through this ever so long...
Tunnel, though in the dark I may stumble,
when thoughts are clouded and twisted a funnel,
and my mind gets caught in the jumble...
But when I finally make it to the other side,
and the light hits my eyes,
vanquishes my darkness
and quiets my cries.
I find that I am a person like any other,
regardless if I've lost my soul sought lover.
Though none of these things decide who I become,
my friends my family or even where I'm from.
Because these thing I'm put through are nothing more than an exam.
When I give my answers and make my decisions that decides who I am.