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Elleya pt 2

The other slapped him on the shoulder "You can't squeeze her that hard anymore." His face showed he was too blinded by happiness to notice, until she slapped him again and repeated "AAROK you have to be gentle with humans!"

He dropped her, still smiling gleefully as she stumbled and color returned to her face. She patted him on the back and turned to thank Olgar. In doing so, she noticed Olgar, the larger of the two, holding something shyishly behind her back. Trying to act like she wasn't catching her breath she looked at her with a knowing smile "Whatcha got there?"
Olgar blushed and slowly revealed a beautiful holster for her sword. It's markings looked like a sky fading to night, with the constellations stories who told of peace, courage, kindness, and friendship.
These constellations became the runes for those words in the old language, but hers glowed where the stars should be. The top and bottom were made out of pitch black ebony with matching patterns on each end. When seeing this, Elleya rushed and hugged her, almost as hard as she'd just been hugged.
Looking astonished between the holster and the blushing Ogre, "By the gods, you're amazing. You did this?"
"All on her own!" her father boasted pridefully.
Her blue cheeks turned a deep purple, as she said "I hope it fights right, father said that it was the size of a standard practice sword."
Elleya slowly slid the sword in listening to the almost musical sound of the grain entering just before it shut.
"Just as I thought, perfect." she said smiling softly.
"Well, I don't think it's perf..." she started before being interrupted.
"Nope! It's perfect." She said pulling her sword back out. "Want proof?!" she said smiling slyly. She then flipped her word balancing it by the tip of the blade on her finger, just before flicking her finger making the sword flip several times before falling straight down in the holster.
Aarok and his father clapped as Olgar smiled half amazed, and half with pride. Elleya continued as she then balanced it on her nose, then flung her head forward making it flip in the same fashion, before she spun a complete circle landing on her knees and catching it again. Then finished "Could any holster that wasn't perfectly fit do that? I don't think so. You ,my fine Ogre friend, are the best holster black smith in all the realm."

Olgar looked away trying not to show the pride on her face and said "Well, you should let your brother know I made one for him too, and he's going to have to come here and get it himself."

Elleya's smile dimmed into a more serious tone "I'll have to do that, in fact, I should go get him now." she said while undoing her belt, and placing it around her shoulder and waste, then letting her long black hair fall down to cover the scabbard and sword handle. A bit poked through, but the random thieves wouldn't think it was worth stealing..

She jogged off gracefully, faster than a normal mans dash. Then easily began jumping walls using her hands to grab the top and pull herself up. Crouching with her hands on the outside of her feet for balance while she checked the area before dropping on each one.

Dashing through the shadows, and staying unseen wall after wall, she began to hear the shriek of cruel laughter.
As she bound the the top of the wall, she saw the spoiled rich boys from her old school practicing magic on the homeless.
She tried to tell her self that she didn't have time for this, that she couldn't make a difference in what they do... that they would just come back tomorrow...
However, when she saw her father's former squire being raced like a horse against a bearded man, her body acted despite her thoughts. Grabbing a rock, she flung it knocking the boy off of the man she once knew as Thoms.
What came out of the boys mouth after was more siren than scream, immediately drawing everyone's attention, then soon with a point of the finger to her.
The face of an older brother spoke the words to cast a silence spell on him as if it had been a regular task.
A face from the group appeared, older than the rest of the boys... her age. It had been one of her pursuers when her family had money, but short years for them were lifetimes for her.
As he walked forward, she couldn't help but keep her heart from shaking, the memory of those days grasped her, if only for a moment.

(Bold) Step (Bold) "Oh my gods!... Elle?" A thump traveled from her chest through her body.
She fought relentlessly against the widening of her eyes... She would not let him see how she felt.
(Bold) Step (Bold) Glancing at her attire, and tossing his long blond hair over his shoulder he continued "It's really true! You are living in those slums to be married off!" A beat struck like a hammer, threatening to steal her bodies control from her. A thief of her voice, a saboteur of her eyes. She would not give in.