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Breaking our echo chambers.

I feel that it is our responsibility to question our own beliefs regularly, and to that of our peers as well. The problem is the vast majority of every group is ready to scarlet letter those who dare not follow their ideology 100%. We quickly notice it in other groups, but defend it in our own.

In every instance I think we fail to realize how much of the flaws in every system boil down to corruption of government officials. That we have been divided and conquered by the popularization of unified exclusive ideology.

One of the best and worst things about media is that we can find others that think almost exactly the same as we do. The world is such a vast place, that regardless of what's around us, we don't have to put up with any of their shit to socialize. But we absolutely need to, and they need to put up with our shit as well. Neither happens anymore.

When I was younger, your friends were the people next to you. Now I'd consider those more geographical acquaintances. When I was younger, I went through shit with people beside me that bonded me, regardless of beliefs. That rarely happens anymore, and because of it, I'm never forced to hear their point of view, nor they mine.

The problem with this is that we go not hearing how our belief systems are truly questioned. So we can go believing obviously flawed ideologies are holy, and not to be touched. We're willing to listen to people talking more than looking at their actual evidence (Which has always been a problem, but is now more one of laziness and emotion rather than availability.)

Right now we're at a point where we're finally starting to dislike the corruption of the leaders "on our side" of the left or right spectrum, more than the followers of the other. This is good, we need to use this. We need to form a party that doesn't care about the left or right, but only about stopping political corruption. We need to form a bond that forgives the disbelief of our own ideology, and focuses on what we all know to be true. With out it, we'll never be strong enough to bring them down. Because they are working together to keep corruption.

Organ cloning is necessary.

Cloning organs has several benefits most people never imagine. Most of them have to do with cloning animal parts for food. Once we make cloning animals cheaper and better tasting than growing our own, it will begin to put animal "farms" out of business. This does several things to benefit humanity and the planet as a whole.

The first is, it prevents animal cruelty. No longer having your food come from an animal means you no longer have to kill it or keep it in captivity. Which I'm sure we've all seen how horridly they're treated in the cages and such in the U.S. Though I suspect China is even worse; they barely care about the work conditions of their people, just imagine their live stock. There has to be a reason the avian flu comes from there yearly. Which brings me to the second reason, pathogens.

We constantly keep hearing about new strains of flu coming out annually, notice it's always linked to pigs or birds? That's because those are the animals we keep in horrid living conditions, and expose humans to in hoards. There's no telling how many of the other new viruses and bacteria are coming from here as well. Our anti-biotics are becoming less effective. The new viruses are almost always immune to the old vaccines. There's only a matter of time before a real plague spreads from this killing millions. Something that would never come from genetically growing the parts we want to eat.

Growing those parts individually also cuts down on the amount of wasted animal parts. We only eat about half the weight of a cow, and once we master it, we should be able to grow that more efficiently than it would on its own. No bones, no unusable organs, no hooves, no poop polluting the environment.

I don't know if you guys have seen the documentaries, but pig farms literally produce lakes of feces. All animals produce more methane and other pollutants than can be absorbed by the environment in a healthy manner when kept so close to each other in pins/ farms.

The way we treat live stock is unsanitary, inhumane, causes ridiculous amounts of pollution, breeds disease, and will not stop until we find a better way to produce meat. If you want to help the planet, I urge you donate to/ invest in organ cloning. It will also lead to breakthroughs in human transplants.

Stranger Things theory (Spoiler)

So, I thought one of the best things about this series was how well they let you get to know the characters in so little time. How just a few lines could tell you how they acted on a day to day basis.

You knew Mikes dedication to writing and his attention friends from spending months on a story and the walkies talkies. But you saw how he gave up writing completely for Will, and immediately showed less attention when eleven showed up.

You knew the Chief's general attitude from the moment he entered the office. But his dedication and motive for changing character the moment they mention that his daughter had died.

You knew Joyce was a reasonable down to earth mom, who thought level head when her son went missing and she didn't immediately freak. She instead went down every plausible option, then only when they were no longer possibilities did she freak and go to the police. Which showed the intensity of the shift to what appeared to be a mental break down.

I could go on for all the characters like this, Eleven being alone in the world to having one of the strongest bonds in the show. Dustin feeling like the least wanted friend in the group to being the glue that held them together. Nancy going from a shy girl who looked like she was about to push her friend away for her new boyfriend, to literally risking her life and turning into one of the biggest badasses in the show to find/ avenger her.

But the thing I'm most interested in is Will's honesty. In the beginning they showed you that not matter what, Will would tell the truth when he admitted rolling low on the fireball. Now someone that's never played DnD might not understand the pain of a total party wipe, and why most people would just keep that to themselves, but I do and it means a lot.

Which makes his shift to lying about throwing up the slugs in the end all the more dramatic. Especially when you see that he has the cool mom that would let him go to horror movies. He has the friends that would do anything for him, and shared everything with. So why hide this?

Has his side on the other side changed his character that deeply? Is it really even his body this time? If it is his body, is he even the one controlling it? If so is he still inside somewhere fighting it? To be honest I have no idea, but one thing I do know... he is not how he appears to be.

PS, I'm pretty sure eleven will show up in season 2 at some point still alive... or else