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The Warrior's Eloquence

Okay, before you read this you should understand there is a newly created "Spell of Eloquence" that allows people to speak how they wanted to, even if they always tripped over their tongue, or never spoke before in their lives. These are the words of a silent hero, speaking in the poetry of his people.

Step after step ... Breath after breath
Saved so many lives ... Brought even more death.
Only Joined for the former... Only remember the latter.
When I wake in the dark ... From nightmares or rather,
The dreams of a monster ... Who is the one to fear.
Who takes with my hands ... What is held most dear.
The sake, only a king ... Who speaks only of victory.
Of battles he's never seen ... But knows their history.
Written with their pen ... But carved by my sword.
Echoed with screams ... But sang with chord.
Blood soaked in the earth ... Stories written in the stars.
Such pretty ink ... For such ugly scars.

As you've probably noticed the words don't line up evenly, but rather are spoken length relevance to emphasis. So, they take the same still take the same time to say.