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Learning, Punishment, and systematic failures. pt one (Rough Draft)

We all learn differently, but every time we pay attention we learn so much more than we know. We learn how things work, what attitude to have, and how to act. Though, we are all wrong a lot more than we'd like to admit, especially when it comes to how to respond to mistakes. Our system reflects this by focusing more on punishing the guilty than saving the innocent, which leads to various systematic failures of society.

While in school we learn our subjects with varying degrees of success, but what we all learn with certainty is that failure is not accepted, mistakes are shameful, and getting good grades is more important than actually learning the subject. You don't understand the subject on time, you get left behind. You learn people from our educational system don't/ can't help you catch up.

Though, as bad as these may be, the impacts of our prison system may be worse. It's so easy to go to jail over something minor, and they learn quickly how cruel the world can be, and how cruel you may have to become to survive it. They learn paranoia is a justifiable trait, because the person next to you may want to rape you, stab you, steal anything you have.

Prisoners learn that they're no longer able to become anything good in society. If they have kids they're no longer able to provide for them. School, food, clothes, a place to live... any or all of these may be at jeopardy, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it. Then they have to learn what it's like to feel like nothing but a piece of shit, that just sits there and rots.

We teach them to hate themselves and the world around them more than they've ever known. Then many get out, and teach those around them they should be paranoid, selfish, and hate the world around them too. They teach you if you help someone, you're a sucker waiting to be used and thrown away, because that's what this world does.

Many people wonder why there's so much violence in America, and why our society is the way it is. I think a big part of it is due to the system's influence on our culture. Yes, the people ultimately have the last word on what society does, but when we've all gone through the archaic educational system, and such a large portion of us suffer our barbaric justice system, it's going to change the way people act.