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rubyleilanisiliga: Hello pray for American Samoa the tsunami that happen there pray for them people that past away in the tsunami I have a story to tell you we all know we're polynesia we know what's right for our islanders we know who we are and we are Samoa I want to say if anyone think there mixed with Tongan please don't say soo because we American Samoa we didn't ask for any war to begin our journey to let those people take over American Samoa we are the rightfull people to stand what's are I also think so many ways we samoa stands for well the government of American Samoa was taumafili he was the first and now we dont know what other Samoa people think there tongan I believe that Tongan are jealous over All the Samoa people so my suggest that they should do something else rather they try to take over American Samoa and the other thing is all the Samoa people didn't ask for any war against them the Tongan came over to my island American Samoa people to start the war over there now I dont get why Tongan say that American Samoa is there remembering them I know the Tongan start the war at American Samoa because they the one who probably killed the vice president over there and left those people were the woods were alots of trees you know I don't care if Tongan is like white people butt I guess whiteeople treat us differently than Tongan people they re soo out number the Samoa people I don't know why butt if there is anything please I understand if Tongan doesn't like Samoa people just don't say what your about to say please
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