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Out of the three gifts of faith, hope and love, the greatest of all is love. Corinthians 13:13

I feel so much and I hide it well
im tired of emotion
im tired of tears that swell
i've cried so much
i feel i cant see
is there a road ahead
a new life for me
i hurt im in pain
full of misery
tied to my heart a chain
am i dying
slowly , this painful death
of memories of love
i cant forget
a time that i laughed
a laughter we shared
a closeness a feeling
a knowledge we cared
how unfair it is
to lose what others yearn
a love so amazing
a light continues to burn
you left me with a legacy
i can never settle for less
for i learnt what was love
and i shared it with the best

are you life
are you death
do you mirror a soul
or a vision devoid of breath
do you feel
are you alive
can you cry
can you smile
do you deprive
yourself of what you need
do you sense
and satisfy a heart to feed
living a life of punishment
or a life of greed
life or death
happy or sad
heaven or hell
sane or mad
angry so angry
cuts like a knife
im just so empty
so lost in this life

If I stand, surely I can fall
always to proud to feel I cant cope
self discovery is hard
too much ground too much scope
I think of the could be's
the whys and the hows
the way that I was
and the way I am now
when I stand why now do I
stand on my own
and feel that in life
a curve balls been thrown
will life always seem harsh
without you with me
is this the mapping that was meant to be
When I stand, I can fall
this I do know
but a fall on my own is a curve ball I've thrown

Love was when I loved you
every inch of you I knew
and in my dreams you live on
but when I wake I wonder was that a dream or true
I hear voices
I think of you
you live on inside me
am I going crazy
I remember you vividly
my memories turning lazy
I want one more touch
one more word
Im drowning without you
Im falling fast and deep
I hate to wake and I long to sleep
If love was when I loved you
and now that you are gone
If I ever love again
will it all seem wrong
Im trying to not give up on faith
Faiths so hard without you
life without you is empty
Im like the walking dead
a love again to liven me I dread
we had something special
and if your face fades the feeling of your touch
the way you loved me never will
my punishment in life is severe
for it was not long enough I held you near
if all could see
what we were to each other
they would know that love was when I loved you
and you loved me
yet not long enough with each other

when I think its over
its just begun
when I think im dying
im living young
when I think I can again feel
Im fighting whats real
when I want to betray
what I promised whos gone
im feeling things
that i've promised are wrong
when Im living
Im wondering
I should be dying
and when I have lost all faith
I still yet am trying
when hope dissapears
and despair lingers on
can I learn to love again
Im looking for one

What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.

ashes to ashes
dust to dust
live for love
alive through lust
past to the present
mirage of pain
burning emblem
soaked as a stain
born just to die
and live only to fear
deaf to the world
no voice to hear
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
no time for love
alive through lust

the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it

I stand
I fall
I've heard the news
It dosn't sink in
and when it does
it devestates
so much still to do
now too late
I stand
I fall
dont pick me up I'll do that myself
and when I am once more
I'll be for me
and the next fall I'll take
is for eternity
nothing can break
what is already broken
I stand
I fall
I rise
aware and unaware
till you call
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