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"I'm ok with being unimpressive. I sleep better at night." -Garden State

joshua caleb frankenburger = the father of my child and the love of my life.
nine inch nails = my favorite band, and the description of my whole outlook on life during highschool.
party = my favorite thing to do!

industrial/ screamo & non-vocal techno/ trance.
neon colors.
being tan.
the smell outside after it rains.
dark chocolate.
rollercoasters. i get excited for the rides at the fair too.
buttershots. "its like sex in your mouth." -adam romans.
cats (i AM gonna be that cat lady when im old.)

snow/ winter/ being cold.
(mostly the ones that drool/ smell/ jump on you, etc.)
most red heads.
ppl named kendra.
spaghetti or onions. ew.
the cops. FUCK THE POLICE!

pet peeves:
when ppl just throw the L word around like its goin outta style. especially when they've only been dating for like, a month. ugh.
when im doing something, even as simple as changing some batteries or somethin, and someone tries to just take over and do it for me. i am well capable, thanks.
waking up to a repetitive noise, such as... an alarm. haha.
girls that complain about their man or say they are done with their man, but just stay with them regardless until it ruins their life.
when people talk with their mouth full.
moms who let their child run around dirty or sticky touching everything in sight. its called a WET WIPE.
when my fiance is drunk.

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