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rules for Doms/Dommes

rule 1:can not punish a sub/slave u do not own
rule 2: do not try to control or take a slave/sub from another Dom/Domme
rule 3: never try to force someone to be ur sub/slave its is their choice
rule 4:ask ur subs/slaves limits before ever touching them in any way
rule 5: make up rules for ur sub/slave to follow so they know what is expected of them
rule 6:let ur sub/slave know what ur punishments are so they are aware of what could happen if they misbehave.

ok Dom/Dommes these are the rules that were made when the first group was around

tribute to triple H

no more glittering water, no more king of kings, no more chance of dx being rebuilt triple h has retired so triple h is no more now he is just hunter so long triple h we will miss you.

tribute to jericho

no more jacket lighting up, no more fozzie music, no more jericholics, no more walls of jericho chris jericho is gone but his talent will not be forgotton. good bye jericho we will misss you but good luck in your next carreer

price of pot

I met a guy he said he did pot his doctor perscribed it so i accepted it and agreed to be his woman.the problem is he tried to cross the border with it to come and see me was arressted and stripped and put in a cell in fromt of his small's all my fault if i did not beg him to come it never would have happenedI ruined 3 lives for that meeting.So only way to make it better was to break up with him before we loved too much make the break now was better.the price of pot was high it cost jail,broken heart and 3 futures.

I remember a poem for john cena

i remember when i first heard the name john cena
i remember when he won the belt for the first time
i remember when he got injured and made a suprise comeback
i remeber wrestlemaina wjen he got the belt from triple h
i remember when he called his friends his chain gang
i remember when he called the wwe fans cenation
I remember when he coined the phase hustle loyalty respect
I remember seeing the marnie
I remember seeing 12 rounds
i remeber seeing my life and watchede a young child become a great man
I remember seeing legendary
but the thing i'll never forget is when he said good bye . I will never forget his smile,body,mind,charecter,jokes,charisma. I may not remember what he or i was wearing that night but i know he will forever be my hero,my champion,my general and my legend. He will always own a piece of my heart no matter what happens . So all i can say now is good bye john cena wwe will never be the same without you.I would never believed in a good guy if not for you. so good bye and thank you for enteraing us for 9 years and never giving up. John we love you and we salute u.


why is it every time i make a friend i lose a friend why is it evertime i meet a great guy he loves someone else why is it every time i answear the phone it's a wrong number why cant i find love like everyone else why is my life sucking so bad why does chrome refuse to work for me and why do i bother staying online when i can;t talk for long periods of time god please pick on someone else and let me have a chance at a decent life I am tired of all this crap.

broken heart

they say better to love and lost then never to have loved at all i disagree is there ia no love then then there is no pain i loved someone on and off ot many months and everytime i lost it hurt but i was ok but now as it happens again i know i don;t deserve him he deserves better and i guess it;s his choice to make i caan't compete with a girl who has everything that i don't. so i am done looking for love.can't have him i want no one

dream man

every night in my dream you appear in the darkness you make me feel things i never felt before i feel every muscle in your body but i cant see your face who are you if i know who you are i can find you i try to turn on the light why cant i reach the lamp on the night stand i wish i knew who you are my dream man please reveal yourself to me

poem for the miz

one a man named micheal got into the wwe became the miz he was a jerk and the meanest of the superstars. he become champion and his attitude got worse but he was also one of the best.but off camera he was the opposite he went to hospitals and visited sick children and visited military people and entertained us for many years putting his body on the line every week now he's fired so good bye miz we will miss you and wwe will never be the same without you. triple h getting rid of the miz was a huge mistake you being coo is a joke

What I am afraid of

i have many phobias so her it goes snakes,spides heights and small enclosed places and deep water sounds weird for a cali girl huh well i been told everyone is afraied of something but my dad gets mad when i freeze due to a spider so if everyone is afraied of something they why get mad due to fear. my mom told me to contact dr phil and ask him for help to deal with this particular fear and get over the tramatic experience theat brought this fear on/
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