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Trumps wins... humans lose

Now that I know that nearly half of America is racist and ignorantly self-destructive, I give up. There's no saving humanity. All I can do now is tend to myself and my loved ones. We probably won't have long, but I'll try to make the best of it. If Trump does a quarter of what he's promised, I'll probably have to watch my disabled wife die.

To those of you who made this happen, go fuck yourselves.

Dying of heat in Texas

My wife and I are trying to raise funds to repair our central air conditioning. We have been battling this issue for over 5 weeks in central Texas summer, with temperatures exceeding 110ºF. Of course, inside a house, it's even hotter.
My wife is disabled with Degenerative Disk Disease, Spondylolisthesis (unfused vertebrae) and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). Quite simply, she just cannot breathe in that kind of heat. I'm a full-time freelance illustrator, who fortunately can work at home to help care for her. Unfortunately, since the economic crash in '07, work has been a slow uphill climb from the initial dramatic drop.
We have attempted a number of smaller units, which have been unsuccessful in making any significant change. We attempted to get a signature loan through our bank, but still have mediocre credit for the time being, and neither our mobile home nor our vehicle are paid off.
Our parents are all elderly and living on fixed incomes, and our daughters are helping in any way they can (housing us in their living rooms as needed). We've been chased out of our own house. This has already resulted in the death of our oldest dog.
We're at the end of our ropes. We have grand plans for the near future of selling our house once it's paid off and building an "earth bag" castle (eco-friendly and extremely affordable), including a separate building and courtyard to rent for fairytale wedding services. We just need to survive the next two years to get there.

I hate being reduced to begging friends and strangers for help, but I'm running out of options.
I'd certainly be willing to provide art services after the fact to thank any who help.

Thank you in advance.
-Jay French


The Hall

“Ruff,” said the dog.

...But he couldn't leave it at that.

“I'm telling you, we've reached a detente,” he added, dismissively.
“Look, if you're just going to make veiled threats, I'm not going to continue this debate with you,” the cat responded, flatly. “I can always go back to the bedroom and lay on the laundry.”
“Maybe that's for the best,” the dog still seemed to be staring off, only watching the cat from his peripheral vision. Clearly, he was trying to act uninterested.
“If you'll be reasonable, I'd just like to get a drink,” the cat continued. “I thought we had an understanding.”
“Don't turn this on me,” the dog reacted, now facing the cat directly, “I have made every effort to maintain our equity! You just can't simply expect me to ignore centuries of instinct.”
“You're really going to pull the instinct card?”
“Oh, don't play that aloof feline position, you know damn well that we both are hard pressed to resist our instinctual nature.” The dog seemed satisfied with himself, but seeing disbelief in the cat's face, added “I know about the catnip...”
“We promised not to talk about that... or the things that you roll in,” the cat clearly was unsettled by the reference. “Also, there's no need to get racist about this.”
The dog seemed flustered, embarrassed by his own immaturity, perhaps. He seemed to clearly be searching for a way out of the conversation, “Why don't you just get a drink from the toilet, like I do?”
The cat stared, unamused.
“Call it a matter of taste.”
“You don't like the taste? How is it different from the water bowl?”
“I mean to say that it's a matter of preference,” there was no question of the cat's position of superiority on the matter, though he added softly, “Besides... they left the lid down.”
The dog was at a loss without his seemingly easy solution. “Can't you just wait until I'm on the other side of the room?”
“Does that seem fair to you to make me wait because of YOUR 'quote, unquote' instinct?” The cat proudly countered.
The dog lost focus for a moment, then looked as softly as he could muster at the cat, “I don't make any promises, but feel free to give it a try.”
The cat gave a sidelong glance, suspicious but hopeful. An indeterminate period of silence and stillness filled the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen, as if time was busy making up its mind. The dog tried looking off into the depths of the hall as the cat adjusted subtly to prepare to trot off to quench his thirst. The cat gave a last glance at his companion, then attempted to accelerate with haste while not seeming rushed.

Invariably and irresistibly, the dog gave chase.

There has now been a call for renewed negotiations.

Written for my middle daughter

Just Like Me
by Jay French
Album: Shatter

She takes the long way home
and stops to draw the flowers
She has a hundred faces
one for every hour
She doesn't know all the words
to her favorite songs
She'll sing them anyway
won't you sing along?

She smiles... just like me
She cries... just like me
She easily forgets, fills up with regrets
She doesn't even know why

(and) She's just like me
She wants to love the world
Just like me
She'll never do you harm
To be noticed, and have solace
To be wanted, and to stop being haunted
She's just like me.

I watch her grow and change
finding her own way
I'll always carry in me
the day I walked away

She tries... just like me
She flies... in her dreams
She's seen the monster's eyes, I'd give anything if I
could take that out of her, into me



by Jay French
Album: Change of Heart

Leaves fall from their boughs
leaving their beauty
Snowfalls cover the ground
to quiet the night
I've seen wind & rain
enough for a lifetime
Leave me in winter's domain
enshrouded in white

Spring can bring liveliness
Autumn is color
Summer's adventure & joy
(but) Winter to me is romance & love
that wrought forth a man from a boy

Warm fires, Christmas trees
closely you hold me
Living serenity
I feel so alive
Timeless eternity
so simple an art
Free of complexity
enshrouded in white

The winter in me speaks of ages gone by
and whispers of joys to be soon
I see that peace when I look in your eyes
When I see the winter in you

Crosses are Burning

lyrics to "Crosses are Burning" from the album "Change of Heart"

Crosses are burning
the flag is in shreds
our fathers will guide us
with the strike of their hands

Our mothers will teach us
to hate other kinds
the world is so twisted
drive you out of your mind

The fields are on fire
the fighting in vain
but fields of white powder
eternally reign

The children run freely
their guns in their hands
who'll be the hunter
if the victim is man?

In the East we are dying
for oil-covered sands
in the West we are killing
merely 'cause we can

Show me the opening
Show me that there is a way we can stop what's begun
Tell me the secret
Tell me that there is a way to undo what's been done

Crosses are burning
there's judgment above
the people are turning
could it be that all we needed all this time was love?

Our babies are crying
while we stare at T.V.
our children are dying
while we fall to our knees

Where is the answer?
please tell me the way
we must hold together
and go day by day

Is is to simple,
to trust one another? We've got to before the next dawn.
Is it so easy,
to love one another? We've got to before it's all gone.