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First Off: i’m basically a guy with a female anatomy. i love cars, stupid humor, don’t really like shopping (i get my shit & get out), don’t like girl drama. i have no biological siblings, only like half brothers and sisters " i don't associate with family" I have VERY little knowledge in cooking, but I am willing to learn. Be prepared to have a few meals that we’re going to have to scrap, because even following a recipe can lead to bad food sometimes.
if i message you that does not mean that i want to hook up with you. But also if you message me and i don't respond that doesn't mean that i didn't find you attractive. It just means I'm busy or i just didn't feel like we have anything in common. Also i could care less about Having sex with you. Or because i'm dating someone.
I'm not one of these Morons who only thinks with their vagina. I am very smart and can read people like a book. I can tell if your full of shit instantly, and I can take a hint. I will not chase you, I will not be disrespected, I do not get Jealous, I am not possessive, I do not care about what your friends think, don't care about your Ex boyfriend or girlfriend.


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