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dhe name isz shelbii a. williamsz.iam white&+mexican;not straiqht.lebian or bi.;love isz lovee &+ lust isz lust.;no matter ya qenderr; so itsz whaddever; .!the person that i admire the M O S T isz Marilyn Monroe.! iam dhe nicest person E V E R; forreal. forreal.forreal ;!.iam textually♥active i lovee new people; cnt stand fakesz; or asszholesz;[: ..! make me laff.;-i lovee it; !!
qet at mee; !..


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Body Type
I am very hot
Living Situation
Living with parents/relatives
I would like some one day
Spending Habits
I live for today - not attached to money
Sense of Humor
I enjoy a good joke or story
Best Place to Live
The coast
Eating Habits
I enjoy food to its fullest
Smart (My clothes reflect my mind)