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53 Divorced Female from Lake Forest       16


About Me...

I am an affectionate and sensitive woman who is only into meaningful conversation. I am also one who is patient, and not into drama, or playing games. I am Passionate about everything I am into. I Love to laugh, be affectionate, sweet, and snuggle up to the person who is positive towards me, and who is interested in me, and what I'm into just like I would be interested in what your into.

Let me suggest that what you need is the kind of woman, who knows How to connect with you on a deeper level than sexual. A girl when connected to you, Refreshes you, because she can make you feel like a real man of love. This connection which combines two as one is Without all the Lust that makes Love into a Battlefield. Do I have your attention?

As a real and true woman, who is open, I can make You feel Comfortable with me so that you can relax and be content. We are to be in sensory contact with one another wherein we insightfully listen to one another; we look not just at one another, but within one another. I am into getting to know others on the deepest level possible, which is from the inside out. I am not interested in shallow, meaningless associations, which are from the outside without this deeper insight into a person’s inner most being. The alternative is to either go through life just talking about love, or exercising our sexual organs, as the expressions of love. We should be interested in the natural affections of love which can only be known by experiencing this from one who can affectionately love.

For me, it's NOT about what kind of job you have or what kind of car you drive, it is ALL about Can You put what You think you want aside for what You don't even know you might need? I believe that The most important thing in life is to learn how to love, and to receive love. Here are a few examples of what love really is so that you can have an idea of what you have been missing:

True Love is patient when it cant have what it wants, it thinks of others above themselves; doesnt judge negatively; it shows real tender loving affection; its not possessive or jealous because it loves its neighbor as themselves which is much more than Hi or Goodbye; Therefore Love is not about loving only ONE but many because Love has nothing to do with sxz. When love is in bondage to ONE for happiness it is NOT love, it is Lust. Not only is it UNLOVING to limit love to ONE, but it is doomed to failure.

Its all about looking INTO another, through their eyes And then giving a soft affectionate meaningful kiss, and lovingly touch them like they have never been touched before.
No one has this kind of perfect love because it is of God. And without someone special coming into your life who can love like this, so that you can experience this, you cannot understand what this kind of love truly is. People need to be taught how to love like this, so that they in turn can love others like this too.

Let me say that if after reading all of this you happen to believe that you have something to offer me, which is above all of this, your not a welcome candidate because you cannot see the value of what I have to offer you is so much more meaningful than anything else.