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sunil sharma
sunil sharma: When I saw u the first time..
u were looking simple and fine..
face was bright and it shined..
instantly u were favorite of mine…

When I first spoke to u..
thy words were wise although few..
thy smile was fresh as morning dew..
such high wisdom was very new…

Slowly as the days passed..
I really realized u were really smart..
always cheerful , good at heart..
with u , I hope, I never part..
“Wisdom and Simplicity”….oh.!! What a pair..!!
u r fast , famous, free and fair..With ur support there is no nightmare..

For all of us u really care..
Bloom like a flow..
Cheer like a star..But my dear..
Remain as good as u are….!!

With whatever success u may end..
Do not forget me …oh!! Dear friend…..

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