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Sometimes, the gods sit your ass down for a lesson. And it's not one you want to learn or acknowledge.
They do not especially care.
You will sit. You will listen. You will show comprehension.
At least that's how they think it should go.
With me there's a lot more pouting, arguing, and them having to use rather creative teaching tactics to ensure I understand.
This last one I understand, intellectually. But can't seem to grasp that there isn't another way to go about it.
The lesson is this: Sometimes, you have to hurt or allow someone to get hurt to prevent worse hurt or death later.
It is better to allow a child to burn themselves on a hot pan than stick their hand in a fire.
Yes. You warn them. You inform them and keep them from harm when you can. But sometimes, you need to allow them to learn. Sometimes, you need to let the child fall.
I, have notorious "save everyone" syndrome. I forgive repeatedly even after being wronged again and again
I know why I was sat down to learn this... I even know that on some level...they're right.
But I'll tell you it's not digesting well.
My brain is still convinced there is a way to educate without allowing the injury.
In the dream, I was shown an electrical pipe . It was set to overload on a friend, injuring his hand. Because of that, a series of events wouldn't occur that would lead to their death/ a far greater injury.
If I were to spare them the small burn, they would follow a path of events that would be their downfall.
I'm honestly not sure who was teaching ... He reminded me of a teacher I've had once before in a dream. Stern. Not a bad or evil person and was patient if you were genuinely trying... But any attempt at snark or stubbornness was met with correction.
It was a long lesson.
This lesson was not as...repeated. mostly because I may have yessed him to death in attempt to finish it without trouble .
I still didn't get away without a bit of pain to remind me of the lesson. I may not know him...but he knows me way too well.
I...have a feeling this one is going to need to be recapped. I understand it...but it's not really sinking in.... Joy

Just a Poem

The sands have been shifted , the Balance has tilt. A storm does approach ,that will destroy all that has been built. We will shed tears for the lives and all lost. But this was not our decision, this was the cost. So many times we warned you, the gods would not remain silent. The Earth would recover her loss But you felt it more important, to line the pockets of your Boss
. Money burns , our forests do too. I know what side I'll be found on. I wonder, do you?

Sleep deprived rambles

I will set myself on fire the give you light in your darkest hour.
I will spend countless nights awake making sure you get to sleep alright.
I will skip meals, just to listen to you tell me about your day.
I will do all this and more if I consider you a friend or even just someone in need.
And sometimes. I need you to stop me.
I need you to look past my bright smile and ask me what's wrong.
I need you to call my bullshit when I say everything's fine.
I need you to stop me when I approach turning the world upside down for a trivial matter.
Because I won't stop myself.
I've always put others before myself and I take my greatest joy in helping. But I will go until I break.
I am so determined to take care of everyone who crosses my path, I have forgotten how to care for myself most days.
You're all so amazing and talented and have such wonderful lives and hearts.
I just want to see you all shine.
I want to know I helped make things just a bit brighter.
Keep shining, my friends... Your light gives me strength

Just a modified saying from my archives

Dance as the flame on a cool autumn night
casting forth it's heat and light
Flow like water, steady and free.
Knowing even the mighty mountains bow to it's quiet might
Be steady as the earth. Stable yet ever active core,
Solid and humble, for it is the same earth we return to whether rich or poor.
Never be afraid to spread your wings and fly as the wind blows with curious mirth,
Know that nothing can stop you, dear child, this is your right by birth.

A mother scorned

The metallic smell of blood hangs and the air
The fire burns indiscriminately, without a care.
The beast was set loose. her wrath unbridled.
Do you still think it wise to capture her child?
No man woman child nor beast shall be spared.
A mothers wrath cannot be compared.