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If you have read this comment before as you’ve begun other Albums of mine, and you’re familiar with it, feel free to simply skip this and get on with the process of looking at the pictures. But if you’re new to my Pictures page, please read this, because it’s important.

When I create Albums, I do so with the purpose of having my pictures viewed in a particular order. In order to insure that viewers will follow this order, I’ve established the procedure of always beginning an Album with the same two pictures, composed of text in bold red and black text. The first picture presents this message which you are now reading. The second picture includes a comment like this one which gives the full title of the album, when it was created, and other information. It functions as a sort of introduction to the Album, and provides a general explanation of what the Album is about.


First of all, you’ll notice that the Wireclub Pictures page shows several representations of the pictures. Some of these should simply be ignored.

First, on the main Pictures page, the Albums are listed, with the title over to the left, and six little thumbnails in a row to the right of that. Clicking the first little thumbnail will ALWAYS open the picture you see above this comment. If you become familiar with my Albums, and how I set them up, you’ll learn NOT to click that first picture. Even though it says, in big red letters “BEGIN HERE,” that is only for the benefit of those who are new to my Albums. After a time or two, you won’t need to read this tedious message any longer.

Instead, the quickest way to begin one of my Albums is to click the SECOND picture in that row, and skip this message you’re reading now. After a time or two of looking at my Albums, you’ll hopefully know to go directly to the SECOND picture, which says: “THE COMMENT BELOW TELLS YOU ABOUT THE PICTURES IN THIS ALBUM.” That’s important. It tells you what this Album is about. It’s usually significant information that is put there for a reason.

Additionally, each individual picture will have a comment below that will function as the caption for the picture. Each picture is numbered, and captioned in those comments. (If Wireclub ever gets its shit together, and includes the capability to make actual captions, I may change this setup and use that instead.)

Of course, if you’re familiar with the Wireclub Pictures page, you also know there is a “Gallery,” which shows you all of the pictures, in the form of larger “thumbnails.” You can use this to access any picture in the Album without going through the entire collection.

But I recommend that when you first view an album, you actually proceed consecutively through the order, even if you don’t care to read the captions/comments and just want flip through them quickly. However, the Gallery has its own utility, too. Use it as you see fit.

Here’s a little bit of additional information you probably already know:

When any picture is enlarged to full size it is accompanied by two arrows, pointing left and right, used to proceed from picture to picture. As you probably know, the arrow pointing to the right takes you from the beginning to the end. And as you probably know, with smaller pictures, the arrows will be immediately visible on each side of the picture. If the arrows are not visible, place your cursor on the picture, and they will pop into view.

Also, when a picture is enlarged to full size, you’ll notice a small row of tiny thumbnails located above it. While you can use it to switch pictures, that feature is of very limited use. I recommend you simply ignore it altogether. Every other means of navigating between pictures works much better.

The last picture of each album is another one of these red and black “slides.” It has several functions. It designates that the viewer has looked at the entire album, and it allows me to thank viewers for actually looking at my pictures.

But the main point of it is to try, as much as I can try, to overcome possible confusion that might result from the way that the “Wall” on our home pages displays the notification for Albums. That notification always shows the LAST four pictures of an album. I don’t want people to click on one of those pictures, and wind up going the wrong way through the order, so I placed that “slide” there in an attempt to guide people to go directly to the beginning of the album, and view it in the order that it was intended.


You’ve probably noticed that besides Albums that are created and title by users, Wireclub has a number of “default” Albums that automatically pop into existence when you post a picture in a blog, on your “Wall,” or when you change your “Display Picture.” And for those of us that still have the same account after the change from “Old Wireclub” to “New Wireclub,” what used to be our “Picture Gallery” was transformed into an Album called “My Images.”

The Albums I create are numbered and arranged chronologically. I arranged them that way for a purpose. The oldest pictures are at the bottom of the list. As I create new Albums, they’re at the top. There are drawbacks to this arrangement – once an Album is put into that order, any change to it (other than comments being added) will automatically cause it to be placed at the top of the order. Therefore, once an Album is put into that order, it’s set in stone. No new pictures can be added.

The “default” Albums, of course, aren’t numbered. They are “ongoing” Albums, which will occasionally be altered for one reason or another. I’ll continuously force them to remain at the top of the order by “bumping” them up there, either by adding a new picture, or deleting/re-posting the last picture. On very rare occasions, I will be adding a special unnumbered “ongoing” Album to the collection. There won’t be many of those, as they’ll have to be bumped to keep them up there where they belong with the “default” Albums.

That’s it! I think that’s everything you need to know about my Albums, and how to view them. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for looking at my pictures!
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