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Complete Album Title:

“Forcing Wireclub To Submit To My Will”

Preface To This Album:

As you know, I’ve struggled mightily with the workings of New Wireclub, the Wireclub Pictures Page, and how that relates to the way I want to present pictures. And I’ve been endeavoring to repair the damage – change the way all of my pictures were automatically displayed with the BIG CHANGE.

I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit, and I’ve finally pretty much finished the task of converting the old way I presented pictures into the new way to present pictures. And as I neared completion of that task, I discovered that this left one particular very obnoxious, very VISUAL aspect to my pictures page that I detest.

As you have probably noticed, at the top of your Pictures page six pictures of yours are located. They are sort of the marquee of your Pictures page. Ever notice that by some mysterious means, those Marquee Pictures are chosen for you? Seemingly randomly picked, and thrown up there for no apparent reason?

The reason your Marquee Pictures wind up there is because of the comments that were added to them by you and your friends. The six pictures with the most comments are automatically placed up there by a protocol designed into the Pictures page. It even counts DELETED comments!

I’m guessing that the “logic” behind this design protocol was that the pictures with the most comments are assumed to be the most appreciated by viewers. Of course, that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that sometimes your friends, with or without you, can wind up having an ongoing conversation in the comments below a picture that otherwise isn’t very noteworthy.

But the thing I object to the most is that it takes something fairly important to your Pictures page – the six Marquee Pictures displayed at the very top, much larger than the tiny thumbnails below it – and FORCES that choice upon you. It FORCES that upon you with something as arbitrary as the number of comments the picture has.

Not only is this stupidity FORCED on us there on the Pictures page, but those arbitrarily FORCED pictures also appear at the top of nearly every one of your Profile pages, your Feed, Blog, Friends, Clubs, Following, and Badges pages. Those automatically picked images FORCIBLY represent you, regardless of whether or not you want them too, all over your profile! (Strangely, at the time of the creation of this Album, for some reason, on MY profile pages, only three pictures appear on my various Profile pages, while other people have all six … probably yet ANOTHER Wireclub glitch …)

So I figured out a way to deal with this mess.

I figured out a way to force the stupid automatic design protocol to SUBMIT TO MY WILL!

I do it with this Album.

What I’ve done is to go through my pictures, and I’ve picked six of them that I personally like, that I think I won’t mind seeing every time I open my Pictures page, and that I think function pretty well as the eye-catching Marquee Pictures. Then I’ve artificially added insignificant “comments” (just some tiny text), more comments than any of my other pictures have, and thus, I’ve caused those pictures to bump up there to the Marquee.

In addition, I’ve also added a few PrintScreened images to this Album. There’s a picture of how my Marquee Pictures looked just before I took this measure to fix it. In addition, there’s another PrintScreened image of my Feed page, showing how Wireclub has forced the first three (not six ?!?) pictures up there, as well. Those are the first two pictures in the Album. (Neither of them has the fake comments attached, so neither will appear there at the top of my Pictures page, or on the tops of other Profile pages.) And finally, a gratuitous, totally unnecessary VICTORY picture of my finished work.

My suggestion to Wireclub:

Modify the Pictures page to allow users to pick their own “Marquee Pictures.”

This is Album #168.

This album was created on February 10, 2012.
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