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Truth injection love letter!

We are living at a crossroads with humanity here we must all stand as one against the evil and propaganda. Those who are put is place as our protectors and educators are the ones who spread propaganda and in a world moving so quick expect us to go along with everything and that's a very dangerous existence to be in. It doesn't matter what you believe the bottom line is we're so very close to losing everything and we must use our wonderful minds and love to push back against these psychopaths and always question all of these situations because we don't want to lose it all and if we do this time there's no turning back! I put myself out there no matter how dangerous it is because I do want to see humanity succeed regardless of my own issues and please continue to fight and not be afraid and know strong relationshis and love will ALWAYS overcome the evillage attempting to infect us and they will lose.


Some people are just to weak, they can't handle debating, criticism or truth and it's reasons like this why the earth is barely hanging by a thread. It's a shame all people have a brain but lots forget how to use it or choose not to they would rather be sheep's and blind followers...may our maker have mercy on them!

Global corruption

My fellow people we all need to awaken and realize we are living in a matrix and all of these horrible things going on around the world. This is not happenstance nor coincidence there is a massive manipulation happening on this planet with the politicians, bankers, and religious leaders. We have been hoping for change all these years and yet it doesn't happen and things are getting worse in all these walks of life and it's time we stop acting like ostrich's in the sand and see the wolves for who they are also stop letting them divide us because once we come together as one pure soul then all there corruption and evil are no match just question everything and research yourself and we all we be awakened and understand the truth. We are all in this together!!!!

God and religion

To all my fellow religious people from all walks of life we all believe in a holy creator one that is altruistic and pure but we all need to realize our holy scriptures are full of contradictions and not written by the almighty. If we would read our holy books we would see it is not holy and that is okay because you don't have to give up on the lord just because our earth bound religions are poisoned and do not represent purity... please just research all your scriptures and realize you need to let go of these books and what represents them but never give up on God himself, the lord is in all our hearts and we know what is right without these corrupt leaders leading us off the true path. Anyway please look this over and understand there is a difference between letting go of the religions and letting go of the almighty! May peace be with all and lots of love to all believers and non believers.