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talk to me about anything that you can think of... come on the page is blank...
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Share info on travelling in China
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To most people when they see me they can't see the Asian in me and that is because I do not look asian or Korean at all, very few can tell that I am asian, is there anyone else who is just like me?
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Maybe everyone outthere juz know alittle bit about Malaysia. Join this club and u'll get more about my country.. All of ur welcome..
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(This club has been deleted)
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Here you can talk about all the good and bad things that happened to you during your holidays and/or propose which would be the ideal holidays for you.
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Know something about China if u want to<br />and see some pictures about China
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This Club is for all China-lovers ^^ And for people with plan to make a travel or emigrate to China.
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Welcome all foreigners and travellers who are going to take a trip to Taiwan and wish to communicate and exchange your Taiwan experiences here.
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For the real Motocross lovers!
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