I created this profile to warn the others about you. I'm here to portal words through a screen.

I'm a terrible musician without a band, a loud fool without humor, and a weak martial artist without a master. I can't make anyone laugh or dance, let alone, protect them.

My social media experience extends from AOL to Wire-Club. I've never owned a smartphone or taken a selfie. I've never chased a woman or been on a first date.

Tell me you're bored so I can avoid boredom. Share a photo that naturally makes me skeptic. Express some truth I have no concern for.

Life on the internet has naturally made people delusional. I don't know what an adult is nor have I seen one in decades. I share no care, interest, or concern for who you think you are.

So, come as you are, leave as you be, just don't expect me to believe.

I am the man men don't want to be. I am the man women don't want to be with.

I'm just an A.S.S.H.O.L.E. (A Self Serving Hard On Lacking Empathy)

WaterThief: AOL to WIRE... I'm not familiar for accepting or expressing myself (too much) on social media. I just want to thank everyone who offered their condolences. It doesn't feel like it's about me or my father... it feels like that emotion we have no words for that can only exist among silence. The last two weeks after watching my dad's body being pushed into a truck at 2:00AM is the coldest i've ever felt on fahrenheit. I can no longer look at my mother and sister the same way nor can I experience nature, music, and food as before. After a compassion fatigue from a willingness to share gratitude when catering the incoming waves of family and friends, the continuous cycle of airports and food...
i'm finally able to take a deep breath (to myself) from the distraction of grief...
and what came immediately to my breath in mind?
I miss chatting with you guys.
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Michael: Been thinking about you, friend. We will be here for you when you're ready.
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L E E: Thinking of you. You need anything hit me up.
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Brat_: Here if you need me.
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WaterThief to Vivisect: Maija... you'll always be a chapter in the literature of my mind that can never be copyrighted.
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Vivisect: Thank you, Darryl.

I’m really sorry about your dad. I just read your feed. He was kind and cared a lot about you. I hope you, your mom and sister are ok.
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WaterThief: My father died. I did everything in my power to make sure he was comfortable til' his last breath. He may not have been the dad I wanted but he was certainly the father I needed.

This song is for anyone who has lost someone they love...
Please, don't ever wait too long before it's too late to forgive.

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h a l z
h a l z: so sorry for your loss, waters
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shiftymacgyver: I'm hugging you from a distance Waters. May you find strength and peace.
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