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Alternative Medicine and Emergency Medical Supplies

Alternative Medical Care is our only option because our medical system has failed and is often deadly.

I'm in USA and pay nearly 25% of my income to have excellent medical insurance. I've been waiting 4 weeks now for a portable oxygen device and a walker prescribed by my doctor. Why? Because the doctor’s office and medical supply place can't seem to get all the info together that insurance needs for approval.

A year ago, I fell off a ladder onto metal shelving and snapped off a bone in my shoulder. It took 4 months to get an X-ray that showed the snapped-off bone. I never did get any medical care. The broken shoulder became frozen when I was knocked to the ground by a charging off-leash dog a month later. I spent the first 2 months laying on ice packs. It would have been nice to have had physical therapy for the broken/frozen shoulder but I managed to regain use of it by making up my own exercises.

In June 2019, I got butchered during a cancer surgery and my kidneys, ureter, and digestive systems were severely damaged. I went through 18 surgeries and multiple stent replacements in 4 different hospitals during a 27 month period trying to repair the damage done during the first botched surgery while fighting cancer. During those surgeries I received 3 additional long term medical injuries.

I was having cancer surgery every 3 months. My body stopped healing. When I went in for another surgery, I was still bleeding from the last one. Eventually, I started taking fenbendazole which killed the cancer. The doctor refused to order creatinine levels because I was taking fenbendazole. Even though she watched me go from over 20 lesions every 3 months, to only 4, then to 1 while taking the fenbendazole.

The third leading cause of death In the USA is medical accidents. Our hospitals are deadly. We have a better chance of surviving if we avoid them altogether, especially considering the deadly Covid protocols including Remdesivir and ventilators with sedation: a deadly combination.

Hospitals received generous incentives for every Covid protocol they ran, and those protocols were deadly, destroying the kidneys with remdesivir then blowing out the lungs with a ventilator while restraining and sedating the patient. It was intentional, gruesome and very profitable murder.

Medical care is inaccessible, even with good good insurance. And if you do get care, it might kill you.

Keeping emergency medical supplies at home is a matter of survival. And if we don’t survive, we will suffer a lot less by dying at home.