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Inside of me (freestyle/poem)

Feeling strong each day/ like a injury going great/

i change thee ways of life/ but has that swagg all night/

inside the muscle contiues to form into a strong force /

building muscle like a body builder benching 300 weight plate/

the arms stay growing each second/ heart pumps each second thee punches

go's each second with a blow/ the legz gone strong /

good enough to kick in a door or/ produce a field goal score/

the mind needs to work all the time/ feed it knowledge as u feed that gut we have/

how choose to retrive knowledge of good or bad/ a path of bad can gain/

sadness confuse and wackness/ shall we go on good ways/ we make

a better place of thoughs happyness/

which gains bigger rewards and bigger goals / we even may win a superbowl/

the last times of the insides gotta keep it going for the long ride.....