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Songs I would put on a road trip mix CD

Paul Gross and David Keeley-"Thirty-two down on the Robert Mackenzie." Queen-"Bohemian Rhapsody." Metallica-"Of wolf and man."

That is three but I have alot of songs I love.

Defending yourself...

What do you do if someone attacks you? That depends on a few things: Do you have a weapon? Does the attacker have a weapon? Is the attacker male or female? Are you alone? How many attackers are there? These are a few considerations. First, if you do have a weapon, use it. Hesitation will get the weapon taken from you and used against you. If your attacker has a weapon (depending on what it is) you may want to comply (depending on the demands). If they have a knife, they will have to get close enough to use it (or throw it which most cannot do accurately) so do not let them close enough unless you know knife defense sufficiently. If you are not alone, it is less likely you'll be attacked which is why it is better not to be alone. If you are alone and there are multiple attackers run! You may be caught, but I'll give tips for that below.

Finally, if you are attacked by a man (more likely), here are some good ideas. Obviously kicking, punching, grabbing and squeazing or anything else you can do to the groin is a good option. When you do whatever you will do there, hit him in the nose, and stab your fingers into both his eyes at the same time. Doing all of these at the same time (will take practice, just don't be as mean on your practice buddy) will effectively disable anyone who attacks you and most people will not be expecting all three at once. Then run to the nearest police station, get in your car and drive (lock your doors), or just get out of there the best way you can.

If you are attacked by a woman, obviously the nose and eyes are still effective. The groin (to my knowledge) isn't. However, the stomach is a typically weaker point on a woman than on a man. Instead of a groin kick, you can gut kick her and still hit the nose and the eyes. If possible, if it always better to stun or disable an attacker before running to give you more time and possibly make them think "ooh, I didn't expect that. I'll hobble home now."

That is just some advice based on my experience. I can also recommend aikido or many other self-defense based martial arts. Mixed martial arts is good too, but this will teach you more grappling and strikes for fighting in a ring. Do some research and find what would work best for you, then find a teacher more interested in his/her students than money. It is a business so it will cost, but the teacher must still have the best interest of the student in mind.

Things I would take with me to a desert island

I would take a bow and quiver of 20 arrows for hunting (hopefully there are some animals). I would take a fishing pole (it is an island, even if I have no luck hunting I can fish). I would also take a survival knife for cleaning fish and animals as well as making other tools I may need.